Utrecht Station Area

Utrecht Station Area

Utrecht’s central station area is a major transport, retail and business hub used by 88 million people each year. The Utrecht Station Area has for many years now been Utrecht’s most popular office location. This area is home to the prominent offices of the government, municipal authorities as well as the NS Dutch railway company. Right next to the station is the entrance to the Jaarbeurs, the largest international trade show and events organization. The Utrecht Station Area is also the second largest cluster of financial services providers in the Netherlands. Here we see for example the headquarters of the Rabobank. Utrecht Central Station is the largest junction of railroads in the Netherlands. The journey time from Utrecht CS to Schiphol Airport is only 30 minutes.

Utrecht has been renovating the Utrecht Station Area to accommodate the rapid growth in numbers of travelers, residents and companies in the city. The new station forms a better connection between the historical city center and the west side of the center. More space is being created for shops, culture, relaxation, hotels and better accessibility. The number of offices is also being expanded. Examples of this are the Jaarbeurspleingebouw and a new WTC.

Redevelopment opportunities include the development of 2,200 homes, 250,000 m² of office space and 47,500 m² of retail and services. The development is due for completion in 2030. Planning status: The second phase of the development offers interesting investment opportunities which will give the entire city a sustainable boost through innovative groundwater projects, cycle-friendly traffic schemes and energy neutral buildings.

Healthy Urban Quarter

Officials in Utrecht have earmarked a major plot next to the city’s Jaarbeurs exhibition centre and the main railway station for a dynamic mixed use development. The aim is to create an iconic building which is both green and innovative and which will have up to 70,000 m² of floor space. For more information visit Healthy Urban Quarter.

For more information about the Utrecht Station Area visit CU2030 or phone UCiB: +31 30 286 12 97