Physical address

‘Stadskantoor’, Stadsplateau 1, 2521 AZ Utrecht, Netherlands
+31 30 286 41 37

The city of Utrecht is located centrally and is accessible from all parts of the Netherlands. The UCiB operates from the ‘Stadskantoor’ (city offices), the central point that residents and entrepreneurs approach for almost all municipal services and products.

Public transport
The Stadskantoor is immediately adjacent to Utrecht Central Station, on the side of the Jaarbeurs exhibition and convention center. From the station, follow the signs to Jaarbeurs. Once you leave the station you are on the Stadsplateau in front of the Stadskantoor entrance.

Bicycle parking
Cyclists can park their bikes using their public transport (‘OV’) chipcards in the guarded bicycle storage area, fietsenstalling Jaarbeursplein. The first 24 hours are free. If you don’t have an OV card you will be given a temporary pass by the U-stal staff. The entrance to the Stadskantoor is on the Stadsplateau, above the bicycle parking, and is accessed using the stairs, escalator or lift.

Car parking
Parking a car is difficult in the immediate vicinity. The nearest (paid) parking areas are Jaarbeurs P1 to P5 and Kop van Lombok parking garage. You can also park your car at a P+R terminal and then reach the Stadskantoor by tram or bus. Collecting someone from the Stadskantoor or dropping them off can be done using the Kiss and Ride terminal (K+R) on the Jaarbeursplein.

Parking for the disabled
There are several parking options for disabled visitors visiting the Stadskantoor. Ideally you may park on Stationsplein or in the parking bays for disabled visitors at the Jaarbeurs.

Stationsplein: access to the Stadskantoor main entrance using the lift.
Jaarbeurs parking area: with a valid national disabled parking permit. Access to the Stadskantoor main entrance using the lift.
Stadskantoor parking garageView the route. You check-in using the parking garage intercom (Stadskantoor rear entrance). You are then admitted to the parking garage and will be met by a host or hostess.

Environmental zone
NB: From 1 January 2015 the center of Utrecht is an environmental (low-emissions) zone applying to private and commercial (diesel) vehicles built before 2001. For more information (dutch text) see