Foreign companies

Utrecht, compact splendor

Utrecht has grown into the ultimate international operating base for foreign companies. 374 companies from abroad have established themselves in the city and provide employment to some 23,000 people. This is no less than ten per cent of the total employment in Utrecht. Utrecht is particularly popular with American, German and British companies. What makes Utrecht so appealing? Well, there are the connections with Schiphol Airport, the central train station and a network of highways that is the best in the country. The Dom City brims over with culture, history, creativity and knowledge. Utrecht has all the facilities of a large international city, but manages to stay compact in its splendor. For expats it is comfortable to live and work in the city or the green surrounding area. Utrecht has its own World Trade Center at business park Papendorp and will become a new business park near Central Station in 2018, read more

For the International Economic Agenda, European Strategy, Sustainable Deveploment Goals etc. …… read more on the Utrecht City site