International school

Education in English

Utrecht has an international school for expats. This school uses the worldwide curriculum of International Baccaulaureate at Primary Years level and Middle Years level (Middel Years Programme and Diploma Programme). The English school is intended for children from families from abroad who have been in the Netherlands for a few years and then move with their families to another country. Children from expats in for example New York, Beijing and Sydney follow the same worldwide curriculum, so that when they move this will be a smooth transition in education. The requirements the teachers have to meet are very high. The International School Utrecht is growing faster than expected. At present almost threehundred students attend the school, and this number is expected to grow to nine hundred. For this reason within the next few years the school will move to a new location in the east of Utrecht. If you need more information please visit the site

Childcare in the Netherlands is well organized; there is daycare (day care center or crèche) and extracurricular care (bso). Staff have to meet stringent training requirements and have to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct.