Utrecht, the ICT hub of the Netherlands

Utrecht has a highly qualified knowledge economy. This is ideal for ICT companies that wish to base themselves in the city. Many science students find jobs amongst the countless renowned ICT companies or within SME and smaller innovative start-ups. Of the four major cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht has experienced the strongest economic growth, particularly within the ICT sector.

Utrecht City Council recognizes the importance of good ICT education in combination with an optimal entrepreneurial climate for ICT businesses. A large number of ICT companies have already moved their headquarters to Utrecht. The A2 highway axis with Papendorp, Leidsche Rijn Centrum and Lage Weide forms the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands, with the headquarters of Capgemini, Oracle, Ziggo, Unit4, Wincor-Nixdorf, RAMdata Mobile, CA, CSC, Kaspersky, Ilionx and Unify. As the ICT hub of the Netherlands, Utrecht also accommodates new ICT areas such as gaming and e-health; four of the 10 leading ICT companies in this area are located in Utrecht.