Ambitious entrepreneurship

foto Start Ups_UtrechtInc_juni 2015_met toestemming_DEF

Utrecht believes that ambitious entrepreneurship is essential in order to convert knowledge and ideas into innovation. The city is capable like no other economic region in Europe of finding new roads for business models and social and economic challenges. As much as 92% of the high-quality and knowledge-intensive services go beyond the boundaries of the region. This makes Utrecht the ideal breeding ground for start-ups.

One such example is UtrechtInc, the incubator for innovative ideas, which is specialized in scalable and innovative start-ups. Its focus is on climate, health and education, often with an IT component. Since 2009 UtrechtInc has supported 124 start-ups, 54 of which have successfully ‘left the nest’. Last year all supporting start-ups were good for 52 million euros worth of investment from the market and provided 630 jobs.