Life in Utrecht

Inspiring and Welcoming!

Utrecht is an exceptional city in which to live, work and study. Small enough to wander through and discover its mediaeval city center, yet large enough to enjoy for days major festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and entertaining and interesting museums. Utrecht is rich in culture and history, and simply brims over with life. On top of this, Utrecht is surrounded on all sides by attractive, often typically Dutch countryside.

Utrecht has for years been listed in the top of the most attractive Dutch cities in which to live, and in the ‘Atlas for Municipalities of 2014’ even ranked second place out of the 50 major cities. The Utrecht region has the largest population growth in the Netherlands: by 2022 the City of Utrecht is expected to have a population of 370,000. The presence of many students, university and colleges, brings with it a great vitality. The fact that Utrecht offers a pleasant living climate can be seen by the large numbers of students who remain in the city to live and work after their study. Furthermore, the city has a very high social economic index. Those living in Utrecht are happier as well as socially and economically stronger than residents of most other large cities.

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